Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I went shopping outside on my lunch break and I realized the cardio isn't worth the hassle. I ventured out to toy stores, department stores, 99 cent stores and everything in between and every time I reached for a box of jolly-good-times for the kids' Holiday Party, my hand hesitated: Am I getting a good deal? Do other parents like this make-at-home kit? Will this entertain thirteen children on a sugar high? So, of course, I did what any exhausted mother would do after work, picking up her sons, feeding them and taking them to soccer practice and feeding them again. I ate and slept. Well, for ten minutes. Then my husband needed to eat and my sons wanted to eat again and my youngest one wanted to dazzle me with his admittedly impressive addition skills. Finally, with the house quiet except for occasional squeaks and giggles coming from the boys' room, I did my kind of shopping: with hot chocolate, a toasted bagel and in a padded chair. I surfed through millions of toy sites and online shops selling everything from Little Einsteins Christmas Wish (ironic, no?) to entire Santa's workshops bigger than my house and read more product reviews than I would have liked. Finally, glimmers of hope. I came across some creative DIY toys that were perfectly priced and culturally encompassing that seem like they could hold the interest of a gnat for hours. I'm loving the Two Square Plates and Memory Tiles because my oldest one likes to have a blank canvas to create on rather than working with something already cut out for him. And I know all the kids will love the Holiday Cards and it's something we can do with them. Plus it'll be a nice break between the 8 dinner courses. Let's see, three toy projects for thirteen kids? Probably not enough. Darn, guess I'll have to plop myself in this comfy chair and make more hot chocolate tomorrow...


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